fuck u
the walking dead game hurts me so much and JULIA FARMER emailed me
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Sarita getting mauled by walkers right after you chopped off her bit arm.


Nick biting the dust in the next episode with no more dialogue than a grunt from being shot after being barely visible in the previous episode.


Sarah becoming walker-chow whether you save her or not without…

Wipe away your tear stains

Thought you said you didn’t feel pain

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why would sarah even be out on the deck?? she’d be inside what the fuck

Please be a happy family.

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if you leave sarah she fucking calls out for clementine. she screams for clementine’s help while you watch her get eaten alive. you can tell her to close her eyes. who would have the heart to make something like this. something so awful. an end to a character so wrong. it hurts.

What if the ‘Ice Cream or Pizza’ choice is Bonnie and Mike

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